State-of-the-Art CCTV Drain Surveys in Birmingham, West Midlands

CCTV drain survey is the only way to examine the condition of your drains and sewers in detail. At Drainclear Drainage Solutions Ltd, we offer this excellent drain inspection technology to customers in Birmingham, West Midlands, and in the wider area. This is the best way to get an idea of what is causing drainage issues.

Comprehensive Reporting

With the help of the latest camera technology and recording software, a comprehensive report is compiled. In addition, we also provide a site plan of the locations that were inspected. This includes mapping of all chambers, drainage runs, and flow directions. All surveys are uploaded to a USB stick, and copies are available on request.

Types of Drainage Surveys We Provide

Homebuyers survey:

Buying a home is expensive and it is the single biggest investment  That most of us ever make, this means that a thorough survey of the drains is vital. This survey shows you the general condition of the drainage system and highlight’s any defects present and ensures you don’t inherit someone else's problems.

Build over /close survey:

Whether you’re planning to extend your property or erect a new building, If the footings of the proposed build is within 3m of a public sewer You will be required to have a build over / close drain survey before and after the build to comply with your Local Water Authority.

Developers survey:

On development sites a drainage survey is required to identify existing Storm and foul water drainage systems before planning is approved. When completed a second drain survey of all new drainage is required Before the final handover to the clients.

Investigations survey:

There are many reasons for having drainage systems investigated:

  • Constant blockages 
  • Infestations from rats or sewer fly’s
  • Water escaping into cellars or neighbouring properties
  • Foul odours entering your property
A survey of the drains will help identify these issues.

Mapping survey:

If the layout and extent of a drainage system is largely or completely unknown, with the use of CCTV, sonar drain tracing the drainage systems to your property or site can be mapped and charted onto a site plan.


Structural survey:

If there is evidence of subsidence to a property a structural engineer or Surveyor may recommend a drainage survey to eliminate the possibility Of any underlying drainage problems. Which could be contributing to the subsidence or structural defects. A combination of CCTV, Dye testing and pressure testing of the drains will Normally confirm this. 

All our surveying engineers are fully qualified and experienced and work Within the “WRC” recognised standards. Our CCTV surveys are accepted and recognised by your local water Authority.

Call us, in Birmingham, West Midlands, to learn more about our CCTV drain surveys and drain inspection services.