Drain Repairs Undertaken by Experts in Birmingham, West Midlands

As an experienced company, we’re able to consider all options when it comes to drain repairs and replacements. We always strive to keep disruption to a minimum rest assured you’re in safe hands when you choose Drainclear drainage Solution Ltd to serve you in Birmingham, West Midland



There are many methods to choose from, no-dig option to complete excavations. Safety is our top priority when we’re deciding on the best course of action.

No-Dig Options

If we decide to use the no-dig option, then it is a fairly simple process. Once we’ve located the problem, the damage pipe is relined with a fibreglass sleeve which has been impregnated with resin, which hardens to form a new inner pipe.


If there are severely misaligned joints, fractures, mass root ingress or collapsed pipes, then excavations are the best choice. The process for this is straightforward, but it does cause slightly more disruption. We start by forming a safe working area, and this protects everyone in the vicinity. This is followed by locating the gas, electricity, and water lines, which are usually located in the same area as your drainage system. If the ground needs to be excavated more than 1200mm deep or the ground is unstable, then shuttering is added to prevent collapse. Once we get to the pipe a repair or replacement is carried out depending on the severity of the fault. To do this we use BS Standard pipes and fittings. The pipe is then encased in gravel and the surface is mechanically compacted, this returns your drainage system back to being fully functional. 

For further information on our drain repairs and replacements, in Birmingham, West Midlands, call us today.